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We are the original boat and barge builder of Madison, Indiana.
We've been building barges since 1973!

Marine Equipment Built By Professionals For Professionals!


Here's a 26 X 12 X 5 pushboat we built. Click here for more details and pictures

            When it comes to getting the job done right the first time, we are first
       in line to help you get there. This web site contains information on
         equipment we have previously built for customers and equipment we
         have in stock for sale. Contact us for any further information or for a
           quote on the equipment you need. If you need something built that is
              not shown on this web site don't hesitate to contact us, because we are
             custom fabricators. We can build anything that is made of steel as long
            as it's truckable.

20'x8'x3' "Larks" with sectional connectors making 20'x16'x3' working
platforms. These units were built for Atlantic Testing Laboratories in
Canton, NY. For more information click on our page to the "Larks".

Thanks for taking the time to look us up. Enjoy the rest of the web site.

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